Renovating and furnishing: what are the steps to follow?

12 December 2021
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Everything you need to know about renovating and furnishing your apartment in order to rent it quickly can be found in this article! In general, the apartments that have been renovated and are now suitable for renting are the most appealing ones, and, by fact, rent out the fastest. Bringing an apartment up to date also results in a better rental yield.

So, how to renovate an apartment so that it pleases the greatest number of people? What are the different stages of this renovation?

Observe the market / understand the expectations 

The long-term furnished rental market in Paris is dynamic, the offer is large, and there’s a real choice for people looking for a rental property.

A rental apartment is therefore in “competition” with a lot of other properties available at the same time. In order to make the right decisions to renovate your apartment, it is then essential to understand the needs and expectations of your target.

By consulting the current ads, you’ll notice that the photos are very often professional ones, which highlights the apartments quite efficiently. That being said, once passed this first selection, the potential tenant will visit the property; that’s when the first impression and the true attractiveness of the apartment can make the photos forgotten. 

It is thus crucial to understand why some apartments are offered with higher rents than others even though they seem to present similar characteristics. Is it the presence of wooden floor in comparison to tiling? Is it the fact that there is a shower and not a bathtub? The sofa bed versus a real bed in a studio? Can a dishwasher impact demand? 

These are among the many questions you must ask yourself to position your project. 

Consult professionals

To make sure that your renovation works are done well, and that they are suitable to your purpose (renting your apartment), it is important to address professionals. A real estate professional, an individual accustomed to furnished rentals, a specialized decorator, are some of the many tracks you can follow in order to not regret certain decisions.

Of course, construction companies can also be a source of inspiration and provide you some very important advice. If you happen to have anyone in your social circle who already did renovation work, do not hesitate to interrogate them; it is always preferable to work with trades recommended by relatives or professionals.

The details that matter

Once you have the overall vision of the project in mind, or have been able to get a trustworthy person to support you, you will now have to think about the details. These, which might be trivial details for you, can be a determining factor for a potential tenant. They can bring additional comfort, which is obviously important when renting a furnished apartment.

Many points allowing you to optimize your rental offer will then appear. Here are a few of them: 

  • Provide for optical fiber cabling;
  • Install an extractor hood;
  • Install controlled mechanical ventilation to avoid moisture concerns;
  • Soundproof the apartment properly to limit the risk of disturbing neighbors and thus guarantee more comfort to your tenants looking for calm and serenity;
  • Use quality materials and proceed with a professional installation; this will prevent you from having to redo work in a near future (for instance, a poor quality wooden floor will be damaged at the slightest humidity issue, or after a few years of normal wear, whereas a better quality parquet will last over time).

Therewith come the stages of furnishing and decorating your apartment.

In addition to the existing list of furniture that must be provided to your tenants (lien vers rubrique), it is strongly recommended to add other pieces that could be useful to them.

As previously seen, listening to the market is then essential. Finding out about your potential tenants’ expectations will help you make the right choices in terms of furniture and decoration. 

To do so, if you are not accompanied by a professional supporting you on the decoration side, do not hesitate to observe the current trends in order to please as many people as possible.

Coherent decoration between rooms 

Offering a trendy decoration is one thing, but above all, it has to be coherent between all rooms.

Decoration is often thought of by room, while homogeity remains essential. The best solution is to go for neutral colors, whether for paints or for furniture. Be careful, putting certain pieces of furniture from one property in another, as a way to improve the decoration, is a quite logical idea. But when doing this, special attention must be paid to the overall consistency of the decoration.

Being accompanied by a professional certainly means a cost, but it has to be put in perspective, as it saves time and, above all, is the best way to get advice.

Once again, the first impression is a feeling that depends on each and every person, and also on the property. A warm decoration is essential to appeal to someone who visits the place, and some details can make all the difference for a potential tenant looking for a furnished apartment.

Quality furniture

The last essential point in the renovation and furnishing of your property: to offer quality furniture!

This may seem obvious to some people, while others may think it is not necessary. However, quality furniture is a guarantee of durability. It also shows tenants that you are offering optimal service, which will reassure them. Always keep in mind that an apartment that you are renovating with a renting goal must meet the tenants’ requirements. The furniture has to be selected according to the standard of the apartment too. For example, it won’t be useful to offer a very high-quality kitchen in an apartment designed to be rented to students.

That’s it! These are the steps to follow in order to put all the chances on your side to rent your apartment in the best conditions, and above all, quickly!

To sum up, we advise you

  • To listen to what’s done in other appealing apartments, and to try to understand why;
  • To choose cautiously the professionals who will accompany you in your project definition, but also in the realization of your works;
  • To think about the details that will make the difference;
  • To furnish your apartment with consistence and utility.

Understanding a market such as furnished rental is a difficult task, because it also depends on the type of rental desired. Having a well thought out property, adapted to market, isn’t an easy thing, which is why many people make their profession out of it.

Do not hesitate to consult our management offer to understand why numerous owners have been loyal to us for years.

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