4 questions to ask yourself before renting your furnished apartment

12 December 2021
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In this article, we wanted to share with you some tips and best practices that seem essential to us in order to successfully rent your furnished apartment!

We tried to answer several questions that you might ask yourself as an owner.

  • What equipment should I choose?
  • How do I determine my rent?
  • What decisions should I make in order to rent under the best conditions?
  • Is rental management advantageous?

1 – What equipments should I choose?

Equipping an apartment the right way is essential for its rental; keep in mind that you are offering a furnished accommodation.

In addition to the compulsory elements for the rental to benefit from the furnished rental status, it is important to think about the equipment and utensils that best meet the tenants’ expectations.

To help you, we have taken the example of a 2-room apartment and defined a list per room, which is neither exhaustive nor mandatory, but based on the experience we have in the furnished rental sector.


Plates, bowls, cups, glasses x6 (3 per potential occupant)
Forks, knives, small and large spoons x6 (3 per potential occupant)
3 pots of different sizes
3 pans of different sizes


Coffee maker
Measuring cup
Can opener
Bottle opener
Utensils (spatula, wooden spoon, ladle, whisk, peeler, etc.)
Salt and pepper shakers
Cutting board
Salad spinner
2 salad bowls
Oven-suitable dish
Garbage can

A table and some chairs
Storage shelves
Curtains and/or blackout blinds


2 or 3-seats sofa
1 or 2 light armchairs
Low table
Wall-mounted television or with adapted cabinet
Floor lamps
Frames for wall decoration

ChambresSalle de bain & WC

Curtains and/or blackout blinds
Mattress with bed base
2 pillows
Quilt or blanket


Mattress pads for the bed base and for the pillows
2 bedside tables per double bed / 1 per single bed
1 bedside lamp per bedside table
Chest of drawers
Wardrobe closet

Household maintenance equipment suitable for the apartment 


Towel holder
Toothbrush glass
Toilet brush
Garbage can
Washing machine
Tumble dryer

When it comes to crockery, it is important to provide classic models, as it will be easier to replace, which will thus avoid having mismatched dishes.

We know trustworthy tableware suppliers who offer models that stay available over time, so do not hesitate to ask us.

But what about the linen when you want to rent out a furnished apartment?

Even if providing linen is not compulsory, many tenants appreciate the possibility of being able to move in and sleep on site directly.

However, we do not ask the owner to provide linen, since we take care of making ours available in all the furnished apartments we manage.

2 – How do I determine my rent?

Beyond the intrinsic criteria of the apartment, as the location, the floor or the number of bedrooms, the rent is most often a determining factor in the search for accommodation.

Some people set a limit not to exceed, others give themselves some room for a “crush”. Either way, it is certain that an apartment offered at above market price will hardly be rented, while a lower rent will fall short of the intended target.

Therefore, it is essential to take time to assess the rent before putting the apartment on the market.

We have compiled here below a list of criteria to take into account in order to properly estimate your apartment.

  1. The precise location;
  2. The surface count defined by Carrez law, but also the total floor surface;
  3. Other criteria such as the floor number, the presence of an elevator, the amount of rental costs;
  4. The quality of furniture and equipment;
  5. The decoration as a whole;
  6. The characteristics that can make a property exceptional: view, standing, terrace, etc.

The difficulty here lies in the ability to judge a property objectively, omitting the affect that an owner can often have for his apartment.

The mentioned criteria, the qualities of the apartment, its defaults and singularities all have to be taken into account in order to study what is offered with similar characteristics.

But what about rent control in Paris?

Ever since the 1st of July 2019, all leases submitted to the law of July 6, 1989, and to the mobility lease must comply with the rent control regulations.

The first website to check in order to find out the reference, reduced and increased rents is: http://www.referenceloyer.drihl.ile-de-france.developpement-durable.gouv.fr.

If this site isn’t functional, another one from Paris City Council exists: https://teleservices.paris.fr/encadrementdesloyers/.

This index takes into consideration the geographical location, the surface, the building type, and whether the apartment is furnished or not.

ALUR type rentals and “mobility leases” are therefore affected by rent control. Only the so-called “common law” civil lease derogates from this regulation, but it is very limited.

These indications do not serve as a basis for the rent estimate but as a limit; it will not be possible to rent the apartment beyond the indicated amounts, except additional rent, but framed again since it is exceptional.

You will note that the presence of an elevator or a terrace is not taken into consideration at all to obtain this rent limit. This article about to rent control in Paris will give you more information on this subject.

3 – What decisions should I make in order to rent under the best conditions?

Renting your apartment in ideal conditions comes down to renting it quickly, at the desired rent, and to a respectful and diligent tenant who will pay on time.

To do so, it is essential that your apartment can be found at the top of the basket during a search, that the decoration and layout are worked out, and in accordance with demand.

To quickly find a tenant, he must be able to easily project himself into your apartment for his everyday life.

The apartment must be ready to live in, as the tenants, often internationals, need to feel at home right away. Therefore, they will want to be able to eat, sleep and shower on the first night they spend in the apartment.

Remember, standing out will give you a head start on other properties that might interest your potential tenants.

Renovating and keeping your apartment in good condition helps to find a tenant fast. So, choose modern and contemporary furniture, to be sure to appeal to a wider clientele.

Whatever the reason why you have chosen to rent your apartment as furnished, you must always keep in mind that the furniture is crucial!

Do not hesitate to ask for advice, every decision concerning the layout will have an impact on the attractiveness of your apartment.

Satisfying your tenants is good for you

Likewise, trying to make your apartment as functional as possible will make it more easily rented, and subsequently satisfy the person who lives there every day.

The more you take care of the quality of the decoration and furniture of your apartment, the more your apartment will be attractive and stand out.

We often find that an apartment left to a tenant in excellent condition, with careful furnishing and decoration, is much more respected and better maintained than other properties.

Indeed, it is logical to think that careful tenants will project themselves much more easily in an impeccable apartment.

Being able to rent a furnished apartment, considering a tenant’s departure without apprehension, without having to carry out work, is obviously the dream of every owner.

This is why we work daily to help them by guiding them in their renovation and maintenance choices.

We advise you to avoid:

  • A too personal decoration;
  • The recovery and assembly of furniture from different properties, since this often leads to mismatched decoration and a lack of overall consistency;
  • The lack of response to requests and questions from tenants during their stay.

4 – Is rental management advantageous?

To limit rental risks, you will be able to put your apartment under rental management, and thus benefit from the advantages of certain insurances. For example, “unpaid rent guarantee” insurance can cover you on several points: unpaid rents, rental degradation and legal protection.

Indeed, if you do not rent your property, it will not be maintained, and you will then be charged some taxes on vacant housing: if you own a property that has been unoccupied for at least 1 year, a tax will be applied to it.

Putting your property in rental management will allow you to benefit from all the advantages mentioned above without worrying about the various disadvantages.

Indeed, by placing your property in rental management, a dedicated team will be in contact with tenants, which will allow you to avoid managing unpaid bills, various degradations or even daily maintenance work.

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