What are the mandatory diagnosis to be carried out before renting an apartment?

8 February 2023
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We wanted to write this article because many landlords ask us questions about the diagnosis to be carried out when they wish to rent out their furnished apartment in Paris. This article aims to inform you about the following points:

What are the mandatory diagnosis to rent a furnished apartment ?

What is the validity date of the real estate diagnosis?

Carrez surface, energy performance, lead or asbestos, there is an exhaustive list of mandatory diagnosis to be carried out when renting a furnished apartment in Paris. Regardless of the type of lease you use to rent your apartment, as a landlord you are required to provide your tenant with the following diagnosis.

DPE: energy performance diagnosis

The energy performance diagnosis allows to classify the housing by category of energy expenditure. It will take into account the greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption of the apartment. It allows to give a grade to the apartment. This will go from A to G, from green to red (white to purple for greenhouse gases).

How long is an DP valid?

It is valid for 10 years. Beyond this period, you will have to redo this diagnosis if you wish to continue to rent your apartment.

Asbestos diagnosis

This diagnosis aims to detect the presence of asbestos, a highly carcinogenic substance, in an apartment. The diagnostician will look for possible traces of asbestos in partitions, walls and floors, pipes, etc.

How long is the asbestos diagnosis valid?

2 possibilities:

  • The last diagnosis in your possession dates from before January 2013? Even if no traces were detected, you will still be obliged to redo an asbestos diagnosis,
  • The diagnosis was made after January 2013 ? the validity period is unlimited provided of course that no trace has been detected.


The ESRIS is the acronym of État des Servitudes Risques et d’Information sur les Sols (State of the Risks Easements and Information on the Soils). It has replaced mighty diagnosis of natural, mining and technological risks, also called ERNMT, since January 1, 2018.

Its purpose is to inform tenants in certain municipalities of the potential risks that their home could face (earthquake, flood risk, pollution).

How long is the ESRIS diagnosis valid?

Regardless of the date of construction of the property, old or still recent, this mandatory diagnosis will be valid for 6 months.

Lead diagnosis

The lead diagnosis will allow to evaluate the risks due to lead exposure. It will be used in particular to measure the rate of presence of lead in the paints. It only concerns properties built before January 1st 1949.

How long is the lead diagnosis valid?

In principle, the validity period for this diagnosis is one year. It is valid for 6 years for rental (against 1 year in case of sale).

Gas and electricity diagnosis

These two diagnosis have been added to the list of mandatory diagnosis in 2018. They will concern apartments built after 1975.

The one concerning gas will aim to check the gas installations in the apartment. It will consist in checking the state of the heating and water production devices but also the ventilation and evacuation of the gas.

The electricity diagnosis will have to ensure the non-dangerousness of the various electrical installations present in the apartment.

How long are the gas and electricity diagnosis valid ?

In the case of an apartment rental, the validity date is 6 years.

Diagnosis of living space

This diagnosis is not strictly speaking mandatory. However, it is strongly recommended because since the rent control was put back in effect in Paris, the rent will be calculated according to the surface of the apartment.

It should be noted that only the parts of a height higher than 1,80 m are counted.

How long is the habitable surface diagnosis valid?

This diagnosis does not have a validity date in time. That said, you will have to redo it in case of work to increase the surface of the dwelling.

To summarize

These five (or six) diagnosis are to be carried out before renting. They are to be carried out by companies specialized in real estate diagnosis. As a rental and management agency of furnished apartments, My Apartment in Paris is in contact with certified professionals and mandated for this type of intervention. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this with us.

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