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The agency

  • Who is My Apartment in Paris?
    My Apartment in Paris is a furnished apartment management and rental agency in Paris founded in 2002. Today we are in charge of more than 150 apartments for rent, mainly in the 6th district and its surroundings. All our team members speak several languages, in order to answer all the questions of our international tenants.Whether you are in Paris for professional reasons, for your studies or simply for tourism, our agency will do everything possible to find you the ideal apartment, the one that will meet your needs. We will be there to help you and accompany you from the moment you start looking for an apartment, but also throughout your rental period.
  • What are the services offered by My Apartment in Paris?

    My Apartment in Paris is a rental and management agency of furnished apartments. We act as an interface between tenants and property owners to facilitate the rental process.

    To the owners, we offer:

    • a highlighting of your property with quality photos and videos,
    • a wide diffusion of your ad, especially on platforms like Seloger or Airbnb,
    • a rigorous selection of candidates,
    • a fast payment of the rents, before the 10th of each month,
    • a maintenance in good condition of the apartment, whether it is during the presence of tenants or without, thanks to our maintenance team and our partner building companies,
    • a consulting role in case of reflection on your part on the renovation or decoration of your apartment.

    To the tenants we offer:

    • help in finding the right apartment according to your needs (rooms, surface, geographical location…),
    • a support in the constitution of your application file,
    • a welcome at the time of your arrival in the apartment,
    • a role of unique interlocutor during the rental period, in particular in case of problem in the apartment,
    • a cleaning service carried out by employees of the agency with eco-responsible products.
  • How to contact us?

    You can contact us directly by phone at 01 45 44 54 97 from France or +33 1 45 44 54 97 from abroad. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions.
    You can also send us a request directly via the booking form of the apartment if you are interested in it. To do this, go to the list of apartments we offer for rent. Finally, the button below allows you to directly access our contact form. Do not hesitate to reach us!

  • In which districts are situated the apartments managed by My Apartment in Paris?

    We manage mainly furnished apartments on the Left Bank of the Seine and more mainly in the 6th district. We made this choice because we are also the managers of the properties we market and we wanted to be close to our apartments in order to guarantee you a maximum of reactivity.

  • What types of apartments are managed by My Apartment in Paris? Furnished? Empty?

    Our agency is specialized in the management of furnished apartments in Paris. We have chosen to rent furnished apartments because we want to provide our international clientele with ready-to-live-in apartments so that our tenants do not have to worry about furnishing their new apartment when they arrive in Paris.

  • What does the term "exclusive management" mean?

    Nearly all of the apartments we offer for rent are managed exclusively by My Apartment in Paris. This means that we are the only ones to handle the management of these apartments. This is an additional comfort for the owners who have only one mandated representative to ensure the rental and maintenance of their property.

  • What is the difference between a two-room, three-room or four-room apartment?

    The number of rooms in an apartment is calculated from the total number of liveable rooms (living-room, bedrooms, offices, libraries…). The kitchen, bathroom and toilet are not counted.

    In almost all cases, a two-room apartment will have a living room and a bedroom, a three-room apartment will have a living room and two bedrooms, etc.

  • Does My Apartment in Paris offer apartments for sale?

    We are specialized in the rental of furnished apartments in Paris. This being the case, we can of course advise and direct our owners towards one of our trusted partners in the context of the sale of their apartment. Do not hesitate to consult us if you need more information.


What to know before renting

  • How do I submit a rental application?

    To submit your application, you just have to join it by email and send it to us at the following address: [email protected]. As a reminder, here are the documents we will ask you to submit according to your profile :

    Student / Intern
    Employee and/or Guarantor
    • Copy of identity document or passport (both sides)
    • Copy of the student card (both sides)
    • Copy of the education certificate
    • Copy of the internship agreement
    • Copy of the 3 last rent receipts
    • Copy of identity document or passport (both sides)
    • Copy of the employer’s certificate
    • Copy of the 3 last pay slips
    • Copy of the last income tax notice
    • Copy of the last property tax or the 3 last rent receipts
    Liberal professionCompany
    • Copy of identity document or passport (both sides)
    • Copy of the two last income tax notices
    • Copy of the company registration or equivalent
    • Copy of the last property tax or the 3 last rent receipts
    • Copy of a company registration less than 3 months old
    • Copy of the signatory’s identity document or passport (both sides)
    • Copy of the occupant’s identity document or passport (both sides)
    • Copy of the employer’s certificate
    • Copy of the last tax return
    • Copy of a signing authority if the signatory is not appearing on the company registration
  • When will a guarantor be required?

    A guarantor is a person who undertakes on behalf of a tenant to pay the rent and charges in the event that the tenant is no longer able to do so himself.

    We will ask a prospective tenant to have a guarantor if he or she is a student, in a trial period or if his or her income is less than three times the rent. The guarantor will act as a guarantor for the candidate tenant in case of default in the payment of the rent.

  • Can I visit the apartments?

    Of course! You just have to give us your availability and we will be able to organize together a visit of the apartment which you are interested in. We also attach particular importance to the photos of the apartments that we publish on our site because very often our tenants reserve without visiting. This is also the reason why we propose a video for each apartment. Likewise, a virtual visit by videoconference is also possible.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit?

    Yes, for a rental to be confirmed, the tenant must systematically pay a deposit. The amount of the deposit is indicated on the rental contract.

  • When is a rental confirmed?

    A rental will be considered as being confirmed when the tenant has paid the down payment indicated in the rental contract.

  • I live abroad or am not in Paris right now: how do I finalize my rental?

    We have set up an on-line signature system so that you can finalise your rental without the need to come to our office.

  • What is a security deposit?

    A security deposit is a sum of money paid by the tenant at the time of booking. This sum will be kept for the entire rental period. It will be reimbursed to the tenant at the end of the rental period, except in case of damage observed during the exit inspection of the apartment.

  • How are the agency fees calculated?

    What are the agency fees if I want to rent an apartment and it constitutes my main residence?

    The agency fees for a lease as a main residence will be calculated according to the surface area (Carrez law) of the rented property. They will correspond to 15€/m², that is to say:

    12€/m² for the visits, the constitution of the file and the drafting of the lease,
    3€/m² for the inventory of fixtures at the beginning of the rental period.

    What are the agency fees if I want to rent an apartment but I already own a main residence elsewhere in France?

    The agency fees for a lease for residential use in a secondary residence (civil code lease) will be calculated as follows:

    Between 3 and 5 months of rental: 75% of one month’s rent,
    Between 6 and 8 months: 1 month’s rent,
    Between 9 and 11 months: 110% of one month’s rent,
    Beyond 12 months: 110% of one month’s rent plus 5% of the rent received between the 13th month and the end of the lease.

    What are the fees for a corporate lease?

    If it is a lease without tacit renewal, the agency fees will correspond to 110% HT of one month’s rent.

    If it is a lease with tacit renewal, the amount of the agency fees will correspond to 11.5% of the annual rent.

  • Who will welcome me the day I arrive?

    We will welcome you personally at your arrival and it will be the same when you leave the premises. Moreover, we will be your one and only contact throughout your rental.

  • What is an inventory of fixtures?

    It consists of a document established in a contradictory way between the owner (or the lessor) and the tenant of an apartment. The inventory of fixtures of entry as well as the inventory of fixtures of exit will be confronted at the end of the lease, which will allow to determine if the occupant of the accommodation deteriorated the place during its occupation.

  • Who pays electricity and gas?

    Electricity and gas will always be at the expense of the tenant. In the case of a main residence, the electricity and gas subscriptions will be under the name of the tenant. In the case of a company lease or a second home, two solutions can be proposed:

    • The tenant can subscribe to his own services,
    • The services remain in the name of the owner and we establish a monthly package that can be revised according to the meter readings.
  • Is it possible to insure my rental property?

    Yes it’s possible. Simply contact us and we will assist you with your insurance application.

  • Do you provide linen? A cleaning service?

    We are aware that it is not easy to move in with a complete set of bed and bath linens. That’s why we can provide you with the linens we have at our disposal.

    You will also have the possibility to call on our cleaning team for the maintenance of your apartment. This cleaning, at your expense, will be done with eco-responsible products.

  • Are pets allowed?

    The landlord or agency must be informed if a tenant intends to rent a flat with a pet.

  • Do I have to sign a residential lease? What does it consist of?

    A housing lease must be established in writing, as it is required by the law.

    The contract will list the rights and obligations of the landlord and the tenant. The contract will stipulate information on the identity of the parties, the start date of the lease and its duration. It must also indicate other information about the dwelling, such as its surface area, the number of rooms, the equipment for private and common use, the amount of the agency fees and the rent. Finally, it must define the specific clauses of the contract. Certain documents, such as diagnostic reports, must also be annexed to the contract.

Renting process

  • What is a syndic of co-ownership?

    The syndic of co-ownership is the person, physical or moral, who represents all the co-owners of a building by whom he/she is elected.

    His/her role is to maintain the common areas of the building in good condition and to decide on any work that may be necessary to this effect. In addition, he/she is in charge of the financial and administrative management of the building.

  • I want to change or add furniture. Do I have the right to do so? Do I have to inform the agency?

    All requests of this type must be addressed to the agency, which will then contact the owner in order to obtain their consent.

  • Who do I contact in case of equipment failure or problem during my rental?

    We will ask you to contact us directly and primarily if a problem arises during your rental.

    We will provide you with an emergency number that you can call every day of the week in case of a problem.

  • How can I reach the agency in the evening/weekend, in case of emergency?

    When renting an apartment with us we will provide you with a mobile number where you will be able to reach us in case of emergency, even on weekends.

  • How can I request a cleaning service during my rental? What are the rates?

    We pay particular attention to the quality of the cleaning in our apartments, which is why we work exclusively with cleaners who are employees of our agency.

    To learn about the price of these services we invite you to contact us directly.

  • What is CAF? What does it do?

    The Caisse d’Allocation Familiale (CAF) is an organization that depends on the social security and that will be in charge of helping some tenants to pay their rent. The CAF allows, among other things, to pay a housing allowance (called APL) to the tenant if he/she respects certain conditions of attribution.

  • Can I pay my rent by credit card?

    The payment by bank transfer is the favorite method of payment by our tenants. However, we can also offer credit card payments if you wish. Additional charges may however be applied.

  • Who pays the housing tax?

    The housing tax will be due by the tenant if he occupies the premises on January 1st of the year.

  • How do I terminate my tenancy before the end of my lease?

    The tenant of a furnished apartment can give notice and thus leave the apartment before the end of his lease by sending a letter of notice of departure. This letter must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.

    The contract will end one month after the letter of has been received.

  • Can I pay my rent by check?

    Personal checks are not accepted for the payment of rent. Only cashier’s checks will be accepted but only under certain conditions. The easiest way to pay a rent remains a bank transfer.

End of the rental

  • How can I best prepare my exit inventory of fixtures?

    We will email you one week before the date of your exit inventory of fixtures with all the recommendations to follow in order to prepare it best.

    We strongly recommend that you return the apartment in the same state of cleanliness as when you arrived, replace any defective light bulbs and, more generally, make any repairs to any damage you may have made during your tenancy.

  • Do I have to clean the apartment before leaving?

    Cleaning the apartment at the end of your stay is not mandatory but it is strongly recommended for long term rentals. Indeed, a thorough house cleaning of the whole apartment will be charged if the apartment is not cleaned.

  • What happens if I made some damages in the apartment during my stay?

    In case of damage we recommend that you contact us by email so that we can find a solution together. Any damage caused to the apartment may be retained from the security deposit.

  • What are the timeframes for refunding the security deposit?

    For any apartment rented as the tenant’s main residence, the legislation sets the deadline for the reimbursement of the security deposit at one month. However the delay will be of two months if a damage is noticed or if a house cleaning is to be made.

    For other rentals, the deadline for refunding the security deposit will be indicated in the lease contract.


General questions

  • When are tenants responsible for paying the housing tax?

    The housing tax is payable by the tenant of the apartment if they are the occupier on January 1st. We therefore recommend that you contact your nearest tax office in order to register your tenant for taxation purposes. On the other hand, the owner will be responsible for the property tax if the property is not occupied on January 1st.

    Note that this rule is not applicable to short-term rentals.

  • What are the differences between primary and secondary residences?

    The main residence is the residence in which you live the majority of the time (at least six months in the year). It is your fiscal residence which appears on your tax return and which is used to calculate your housing tax. A secondary residence is occupied less regularly.

    The difference is important, especially in the case of short-term rentals. The rules are much stricter when it comes to renting a second home compared to renting out a primary residence. For more information on this subject, you can consult our page dedicated to holiday rentals in Paris.

  • The apartment is my main residence. Can I rent it for a short time?

    This is one of the conditions for a landlord to have the right to rent his apartment for a short period of time. You will henceforth be limited to 120 days per year. For more information you can also read our dedicated page about this topic or contact us by email or phone.

  • What does the term "tense zone" mean and what are its consequences?

    French towns and cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants are considered “tense zones” because of the high demand for rentals compared to the supply. Therefore, certain rules apply:

    • when a property is first rented, the rent can always be set freely within the limits of the rent control system,
    • when re-renting, the rent of the new rental contract must not, with some exceptions, exceed the last rent applied to the previous tenant,
    • when giving notice, the tenant of an empty rental unit systematically benefits from a notice period reduced to one month if he/she so requests, simply because the unit is located in a tense area, and regardless of the date the contract was signed,
    • the owner can be hit by the annual tax on vacant dwellings if the dwelling is voluntarily left vacant for at least one year.
  • Do I have to declare my rental income to the French tax authorities? Who takes care of it?

    When you earn income from the rental of an apartment, it is always taxable. You must therefore declare them. Depending on your income from this activity, the tax system may be different:

    If your rental income is less than €72,600 before tax, you have the choice between two tax regimes:

    • the micro BIC regime in which you declare this income on the complementary income tax return ” professions non salariées ” n°2042 C Pro, line 5ND,
    • the real regime in which you declare this income on the professional declaration n°2031-SD (“Bénéfices Industriels et Commerciaux”).

    If your rental income exceeds €72,600 before tax, you must declare this activity on the Guichet Entreprise website or at a CFE (Centre de Formalité des Entreprises) in order to register it in the SIRENE directory. In fact, the amount of these receipts will have to be reported :

    • on the professional declaration n°2031-SD (“Bénéfices Industriels et Commerciaux”), you will then have to fill in the frame E of the annex n°2031 ter,
    • on your supplementary income tax return n°2042 C Pro under the heading “income from non-professional furnished rentals”.

    For more information about the declaration procedures, you can consult the dedicated page on the website of the Ministry of Economy (in french).

  • Which diagnosis are mandatory for the rental of my apartment?

    Six diagnosis are mandatory to rent a furnished apartment:

    • Lead
    • Asbestos file and private parts (DAPP)
    • Electricity and gas
    • Measurement (Boutin law)
    • State of risks and pollution (ERP)
    • Energy performance (DPE)
  • What equipment is required to rent my apartment?

    The list of mandatory furniture and equipment that a furnished apartment must have is defined by law:

    • Bedding with duvet or blanket,
    • Shutters and curtains in the rooms,
    • Cooking plates,
    • Oven or microwave,
    • Refrigerator,
    • Freezer or refrigerator freezer compartment with a maximum temperature of -6°C,
    • Sufficient tableware for the occupants to eat,
    • Kitchen utensils,
    • Table,
    • Seats,
    • Storage shelves,
    • Luminaires,
    • Housekeeping equipment adapted to the characteristics of the accommodation (vacuum cleaner if there is carpet, broom and mop for tiles …).
  • Can I occupy my apartment? How do I notify the agency?

    You just have to send us an email at [email protected] and tell us the unavailability of your accommodation. You can also call us at 01 45 44 54 97.

  • I want to do some work in my property. Can My Apartment in Paris help me?

    Thanks to our 20 years of experience in renting apartments, we have been able to establish links with construction companies. Therefore, we are able to meet your needs for possible work in your property. Furthermore, we are in contact with companies specialized in renovation and decoration who will be able to bring you their advice to enhance your apartment.

  • Who takes care of the maintenance of the apartment?

    In the vast majority of cases, our agency will be in charge of the maintenance of the apartment.

  • A machine in my apartment needs to be repaired or changed. Who takes care of it?

    When a tenant tells us that a machine in your apartment is malfunctioning, our maintenance team will get it back in working order. If it needs to be replaced, we will contact you and offer you several options, according to your taste. Once this is done, we order the machine and install it.

  • Does the agency establish an inventory of fixtures at the entrance and exit of the tenant?

    A lease contract as well as an apartment inventory and inventory of fixtures will be signed for all rentals.

  • Who is in charge of welcoming the tenants? And their departure?

    We are the managers of the properties that we publish on our website, which implies that we welcome the tenants to present them the apartment and establish the inventory of fixtures at the entrance, but also at the time of their departure when it is a question of carrying out the inventory of fixtures at the exit.

  • Does My Apartment in Paris take care of the cleaning between rentals?

    Between each rental, the apartments we manage are completely cleaned by our cleaning team. These households are moreover carried out using natural products respectful of the environment.

  • How does the agency pay the rent for my apartment? How do I know what I have been paid?

    Your rents will be as possible settled before the 10th of each month. All your rents will be paid by bank transfer, you will receive a statement which will be emailed to you for each rent payment.