Our advices to rent your apartment

Furnished apartment rentals have developed strongly in recent years. Fiscally more interesting, they also offer more flexibility to the owners thanks to shorter leases. That said, renting a furnished apartment requires respecting certain rules but also following some recommendations that we will list below.

A renovated and quality property

The quality of the equipment, and more generally the quality of your apartment as a whole, will be a preponderant criterion for the success of your rental. The general state of the apartment is very important, that’s why we will only manage properties that have been recently renovated.

Our advice for renting your apartment is based on 3 points:

Choose furniture that is solid and homogeneous
Do not hesitate to redo the paintings if they are a bit old
Avoid overloading with too many objects

The decoration and the equipment

Choose modern and contemporary furniture
Optimize storage space
A renovated bathroom and kitchen will make a difference
Opt for up-to-date, energy-efficient light fixtures

Determine a coherent rent

Knowing how to estimate the rent is not an easy task, which is why many landlords prefer to entrust this mission to a professional. Many criteria can be taken into account when it comes to determining the rent that can be paid for your apartment.

Defining a coherent rent is an important strategic choice. Our simulator will help you to get an idea of what you can expect as rent. It is obvious that the amount communicated here will perhaps not be the final amount since the calculation does not take into account certain characteristics that the apartment will be able to offer and which consequently will have for effect to make the amount of the rent of the apartment evolve.

The characteristics taken into account in the calculation of the rent are:

  • The address of the apartment,
  • Its surface in m²,
  • The number of rooms,
  • The year of construction of the building.

Elements such as the height under the ceiling, the presence of an outside space or a view will increase the rental value of your furnished apartment. For more information we invite you to contact us now.

The mandatory equipment

Regardless of the style you want to give to your apartment, it must be equipped with several mandatory elements in order to be considered by the legislator as a furnished apartment.

You will find below the list of the mandatory elements for the apartment to be proposed for furnished rental.

Mandatory diagnosis for furnished rentals

What are the mandatory real estate diagnosis to be provided when renting an apartment?

A list of mandatory diagnosis must be annexed to the lease and given to the tenant at the very beginning of the rental. The respect of these obligations will allow to rent the apartment serenely. Find below the list of all the compulsory diagnosis. There are 6 in total. We have also listed in the table the duration of validity of each of them.

Lead Condition For properties in buildings constructed before 1949 Validity Unlimited if negative, 6 years if positive
Asbestos file and private parts (DAPP) Condition Private areas of properties built before 1997 (those executed before 2013 will have to be redone) Validity Unlimited if negative, 3 years if positive
Electricity and gas Condition Concerns properties with installations older than 15 years Validity 6 years
Measuring Boutin law Condition All properties Validity Unlimited, except in the case of work aimed at increasing the living space
State of risks and pollution (ERP) Condition All properties Validity 6 months
Energy performances (DPE) Condition All properties Validity 10 years

You wish to entrust the management of your furnished apartment in Paris to an agency of confidence and which wants to be at the same time close to its customers owners and tenants? Contact us!

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Renting out your furnished apartment has many advantages. This type of rental has become one of the preferred rental models for many working people, students but also for expatriates or companies. Thanks to our 20 years of experience, we have been able to establish privileged links with many partners throughout these many years.

If you wish to obtain information concerning the renting of your furnished apartment in Paris do not hesitate to contact us at +33 1 45 44 54 97 or by clicking on the contact button below.

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